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    My Little Disney: Father and Son

    Daga Yemar

    by Daga Yemar

    Way back when I planned all this out (wow, has it really been over a year now?!) I was still a little iffy about Luna's role, but she does fit surprisingly well in this one. There's just enough of her back story to make the comparisons apt, which is lucky since this would have been almost impossible to pull off otherwise. Luna and Rainbow don't share a single scene together, so building a bonding montage was pretty tricky.

    Project Update: Whoa, this is nostalgic, isn't it? I've been working on Dr. Horrible for the last week, if you were wondering where I've been, just trying to get some headway into it. I'm pleased to announce that Act 1 is complete! If I can just keep up this speed I just might get it done in time for the con. Barely. Man, I really need to stop being so lazy...

    OK, roll and... ooh, natural one. I'm afraid that means you don't own My Little Pony OR Disney. In fact... make a spot copyright lawyers check...