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    Reverse Wallet (DVD and Gimmick) by Dominique Duvivier - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The brand new revolutionary wallet from Dominique Duvivier
    A fantastic novelty
    Imagine a replacement wallet which also changes colour automatically.
    Yes you read it right the wallet transforms itself
    Let us illustrate the scenario
    The magician explains that when he goes to New York dangerous city that it is he conceals his money as follows he has a newsprint wallet with newsprint notes inside. When he is in the restaurant for example he takes out his wallet when it comes to paying under the dismayed gaze of the head waiter he transforms the paper wallet into a wallet which resembles leather
    When he opens his wallet the paper notes .. are now real notes with which he can pay without problem
    We supply you with several different varied routines which will enable you to mystify your audience 3 routines from Dominique Duvivier and 2 routines from Quoc Tien Tran.
    As a bonus there are several ideas and tips for personalising your extraordinary equipment and adapting it to your own ideas and routines.
    The Reverse Wallet is delivered to you in a bag. A small card attached to the handle even enables you to dedicate the item if you want to send it to someone as a gift
    Revolutionary concept.
    Extremely easy to do. Within the capacity of the youngest magicians
    Guaranteed effect
    Demonstrations and explanations on DVD.
    The demo video below shows one or two additional ideas which illustrate that the use of the Reverse Wallet is limited only by the imagination and creativity of the user
    These applications are shown by way of example and are not supplied with the explanatory DVD