Dog fights - pitbull attacks(2)


par jamra

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all of your videos are sooo funny!!!!!!!! but make more videos!!!! :)) btw check out my pics!! :))
Par Msdiana Il y a 4 ans
Is it true that pit bulls are gentle dogs? Sorry for asking this, I´ve never had one :o

My sister has a beagle, and he is very nasty at times. I don´t know why. Maybe the previuos owner did mistreat him.

Par Benjamin Mazariegos Il y a 7 ans
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Par Tonstich9 Il y a 7 ans
hahahahah the dog is affraid about a pink bear i like this dog he'is so cute and fuck this black woman who wanted to beat the dog
Par stephenson78180 Il y a 8 ans
I have a pitbull and all dogs aren't like that. If you train your dog to attack you can get bit by a poodle.
Par el-heffe Il y a 8 ans