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    Equifax and Transunion Credit Reports Credit Slab

    Debt Arbitrator

    by Debt Arbitrator

    Sheldon Wolf, creator of Credit Slab Credit Improvement System talks to Kirsten Kloss your Equifax and TransUnion credit report, how entries in your credit bureau can affect your credit score, and what can be done about it.

    Credit Slab can tell you what you can do when your credit rating goes down and you need credit restoration on your TransUnion and Equifax credit report. They’ll even tell you how to get a free credit report! As specialists in credit repair and debt settlement, they know the formulas and factors that affect your credit rating and can help you get the credit you deserve. They’re even known to help people who’ve had to, or are just about to, file for bankruptcy and teach them how to avoid it! This isn’t just debt counselling or a trustee service, it’s about your Equifax and TransUnion credit score and how the Credit Slab Credit Improvement System can help.

    You want to know how to repair credit? Watch this video then contact the website below.