Avoid Filing Bankrutpcy with Debt Settlement

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by Debt Arbitrator

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That’s right; you can avoid filing bankruptcy with debt settlement. Did you know you can cut deals with your creditors to save anywhere from 30 to 50% off your unsecured debts? Did you know judgements on your credit report from Equifax and TransUnion can seriously affect your ability to secure a loan?

Let Sheldon Wolf, President DebtOut Debt Settlement and the main force behind the Credit Slab Credit Improvement System, and Kersten Kloss explain to you all about Debt Settlement and how you can settle your unpaid loans. Hear how DebtOut works with your creditors on a fair debt settlement to handle your unsecured debts, resolve mistakes on your credit bureau, defend you when a collection agency is trying to collect a debt from the wrong person, and even negotiate judgements.

So whether you’re drowning in debt, trying to get a handle on your unpaid debts, trying to secure an auto loan or a mortgage, or just wanting make a clean slate with your creditors... debt settlement is for anyone looking for an alternative to bankruptcy or consumer proposal. We can even help with bad credit and lingering entries that lower your credit score during your post bankruptcy period! Visit our website today to learn more, and watch this video to learn about debt arbitration and how it affects your Equifax and Transunion credit report.