Slider Party 2013

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The official video of the event that took place in Le Barcarès, France, from may 13th till may 19th.
Thank you all for taking part : Tobias Hölter, Ewan Jaspan, Finn Behrens, Sergi Sureda, Mads Wollesen, Regis Stantina, Alexandre Campet, Sebastien Garat, Nico Etienne, Jordan Heurtaux, Samuel le Denmat, Pol-Erwan Carsin, Benjamin Marx Lecomte, Damien Girardin, Clementine Bonzom, Dominique Granger...Tim LeK
And huge thanks to eveyone who made this event happen !!!! see you in 2014 !!!
Filmed by Olivier Sautet
Edited by Olivier Sautet - Petole Prod
Video on Vimeo :

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