Siberian Meat Grinder - "From the Dust Returned" Official Music Video


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Siberian Meat Grinder - "From the Dust Returned"

Artist city, country: Moscow, Russia

Artist Biography: Siberian Meat Grinder is a crossover thrash band from Russian frozen hell, mixing raging hardcore thrash with many different genres from punk and black metal to stoner rock and even rap.

The band quickly gained mass popularity among Russian punks and metalheads due to its insane shows, which turn any venue into a moshing arena, and original videos and graphical art, praising the mighty Bear-Tsar who leads the crusade against the enemies of metal.

The band has released two albums "Hail To The Tsar" (2012) and "Versus The World" (2013) - both are receiving good reviews from both Russian and foreign press.

SMG also released two official music videos and a number of video-clips demonstrating the strong connection of the band to the world of undeground street-culture, such as skateboarding, graffiti, BMX etc.

Right now the band is getting ready to tour the planet, bringing the word of the Bear-Tsar to the people!

Director Name: Siberian Meat Grinder
Producer Name: Siberian Meat Grinder

About The Video: New music video from the fresh album of Siberian crossover thrash brigade.
Enter the world of metal/punk/hardcore marauders of the Bear-Tsar: insane mosh and berserk stagediving, girls, motorcycles, bombing, skateboarding and cryptic forest rituals!


Song Lyrics: Man of steel: death and return
Blood spill, iron will, bridges to burn
Plague attack, I'll be reborn
Back to the planet Tuul, I'm Blackthorne
Do you know what it's like, what is the price?
To be the bad man, the sad man, behind blue eyes
Time flies, demise, Lord of the Flies
Bear mask on my face, its will never dies

You're warned I spit the scorn, watch your back fool
From the dust returned
Word is born, watch you burn, protect your neck fool
From the dust returned
Something wicked this way comes, hear the war drums, it is time to drop the bombs
Bleeding gums, bodies burn, watch your back fool
From the dust returned

Don't talk to me - I'm allergic to whores
I'm Pyramid Head and you are the Nurse
From bad to worse, better cut the shit
Hate that I spit, heads split, it's too late to quit
The seed of maximum pain
I'm the new Bat who's torturing Bane
Dead head, force fed, fall of Max Payne
Tapping your vein like insane, sky bleeds blood rain

From The Dust!
From The Dust Returned!
From The Dust!


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