'World of Warcraft' Movie To Shoot In 2014

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We've been keeping a close eye on the progress of the World of Warcraft movie, and some details are finally coming to the surface that we gotta tell ya about. Earlier this year we heard that Moon and Source Code director, Duncan Jones, was on board to direct the long-talked about adaptation of Blizzard's World of Warcraft, with talks of production beginning in late 2013 for a possible 2015 release. Since then, the news on this has been very quiet but today we are hearing from the film's producer, Charles Roven, that production will now start in early 2014, and that things are moving right along. He told Slash Film quote "We're moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and Im having a great time with Duncan." The script will be written by Charles Leavitt, who also wrote movies like Blood Diamond and The Express, and The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the budget for this will be at least $100 million, if not more. And although the production time frame has shifted, it is still very possible to expect a 2015 release on this. Warcraft is one of the most popular, multi-player, online role playing games around, and has a unique take on its fantasy worlds which involve aliens and spaceships and things like zombies and werewolves. Spider-Man director, Sam Raimi, was originally going to direct this project, but backed out due to claims that Blizzard was mismanaging the film. Now, launching a video game world on to the big screen will not be an easy task, but do you think that World of Warcraft has the structure to be a great movie adaptation? Leave us your thoughts on this down below, and send us a tweet about this too over on twitter at ClevverMovies. Until we meet again, Im Erin White, and thank you so much for watching.