'Man of Steel' Sets Promotional Tie-In Record

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It's no surprise that Superman is the guy everyone wants to be associated with these days. He's tall, he's good looking, he's got great facial hair, and oh yeah...he is an all around bad ass. So, it's no surprise that retailers are also trying to get their products ready for the Superman in all of us. AdAge is reporting that Man of Steel is officially the most heavily promoted film of all time, with over 100 global partnerships (including companies like Nokia, Chrysler, and Kelloggs) totaling over $160 million bucks and it's now beating the Lorax's promotional popularity which had a little over 70 partners just last year. So who are some of these partners? Well, you've probably already seen some of them, including Gillette, who is targeting Superman's bearded fans, In one of their campaigns, celebrities are showing audiences how they think Superman shaves. Tying to help us understand how it happens in the movie, since we never see it apparently. But, Superman fans definitely called Gillete out on this one, letting them know this question has already been answered in the comics, saying that Superman uses his heat rays from his eyes in a mirror to get rid of the beard. Not quite accurate, Gilette, but we get where youre trying to go with it. There are also some partnerships that are very interesting. Like Clark Kent inspired glasses, which, based on what we've seen so far, never actually make an appearance in Man Of Steel. And another is Carl's Jr who has a the Super Bacon Cheeseburger, trying to sell us on the oversized burger that Superman would order...And by looking at his physique, something tells me bacon cheeseburgers are not exactly part of a balanced superhero diet. Now, promotional campaigns are not new in Hollywood, but partnerships of this magnitude have some people thinking that this could be overkill. So, what are your thoughts on all of these partnerships? Do you like that companies are incorporating movies into their marketing campaigns, or is it actually a turn off for you? Thoughts and comments are welcome down in the comments, and make sure you have liked our ClevverMovies Facebook page as well. From our studio, in Hollywood, Im Erin White.