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    Rekha’s stormy love in Bed…


    by desicinemaa

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    Rekha’s stormy love in Bed…

    Rekha is an Indian film actress and she is dabbling fifty six springs of her life and She has a romantic diva of Bollywood films. Rekha has been reigning the Bollywood and hearts of Bollywood heroes like Big B .However, Rekha has surpassed her hot erotic and sexy scene with Om Puri and Naveen Nishchol in bed in coparision to the hot romantic pair of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha.
    Rekha has acted a house wife in film aastha-in the prision of Spring directed by the late famous film director Basu Bhattacharya . Aastha is a different movie of Basu Da compared to his previous directed films.

    Rekha has given hot bed scene with Navin Nischol in a bizarre state of attraction towards the man Navin Nischol who hires her for his lust. She haves sex with Navin with some sort of no-no-attitude but in a short span of warming in bed, Rekha enjoys sex with him..
    However, Rekha is a house wife and somewhere, she is at fault. She is suffering from guilt that she is ditching her husband Om Puri who is professor. So she comes to bed and she creates storm in having cupid love steps as Navin Nischol does with her. Om Puri becomes a passive partner and Rekha dominated in bed . Om Puri goes to the height of bliss…He feels ultimate romance with her. He does not understand as to how she is doing this all sexual hilarity with him… But he is so delightful and he begins flowing and blowing in the stormy river created by Rekha’s hot thirst for love….

    Please watch out,