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    Does The Internet Works?

    Annetta Powell

    by Annetta Powell


    Sometimes, there are a few people who call me and email me asking if I am a real person and if I truly make money on the Internet. While it helps to be a bit skeptical at times, I find myself in funny situations whenever I receive inquiries like this.

    Of course, the Internet works! It has proven its wonders not only in my life but in many other Internet marketers' lives. We wouldn't have been in our places right now, sharing our insights and offering our business opportunities via the Internet if it doesn't work in the first place.

    In fact, the Internet is any business' best ally nowadays. It is a powerful tool that connects people together wherever they are in the world, thus giving your business a global reach. So, for that person who asked me if the Internet works and for the many others who still doubt the magic of the Internet, I hope you'll watch this video.