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    Xi Jinping 习近平 meets Obama in Sunnylands summit sleepover (parody)

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    President Barack Obama will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping for a US-China summit on Friday in Southern California.
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    Obama and Xi are planning to meet at the private Sunnylands estate for an informal retreat so the two can get a chance to know each other away from the spotlight of Washington. The summit comes at an important time in relations between the U.S. and China as the two superpowers will need to deal with security issues and overcoming growing distrust.

    Cyber security will no doubt be a big topic of discussion. The US recently claimed that the Chinese hacked classified data on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F/A-18 fighter, V-22 Osprey and the Black Hawk attack helicopter. Specifications for the Patriot missile system and Aegis anti-missile systems are also believed to have been compromised. Of course, the Chinese denied the claim, big surprise there.

    Xi will most likely bring up concerns that the US is trying to militarily encircle China within Asia. Someone should remind China that the Asia-Pacific region isn't theirs either. Most Asian countries would rather deal with the US over China any day.

    Will the Obama-Xi meeting actually accomplish anything?