Star Fleet - Jupiter Attack (remastered)

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I had to reupload this as the last one was a bit out of sync and that bugged me.
Reuploaded for better quality.
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Scene from Episode 4 of "Star Fleet" - "Wipe Out the Transport Fleet"

The scenes here are remastered from the same footage from the French DVD which has overall remastered quality - much better than anything seen of the series. The UK DVD was untouched (despite claims of remastering) and is simply the increasingly dusty 16mm prints they were saved on, instead of retro fitting the series with better alternatives. I reuploaded this clip as instead of having the footage from a YouTube Downloader, I now have the French DVD set to rip from for my remastering project thanks to Crash from sfxb forums.

The first scene of X-Bomber was remastered by me, frame by frame in photoshop as the scene was shortened. I did some minor sound cleaning on this as well, since the show's audio had a bad hiss in the background.