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    LORE - Myst Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by IndieStatik

    Animated by Scott Falco

    More than 10,000 years ago, a race known as the D'ni arrive on Earth, descendants of an ancient race that wrote magical books that could serve as portals to the worlds they described. The D'ni built great cities in underground caverns which were discovered by a geologist from the surface. This geologist, Anna, learns the D'ni language and lives among them, marrying Aitrus and bearing a son named Gehn. But soon after, the thriving civilization is wiped out by a plague, and Aitrus sacrifices himself to save his family who escape to the surface.

    Gehn has a son of his own, Atrus who is raised by Anna while Gehn travels to the ruins of the D'ni civilization to learn the art of writing portal books known as Ages. After obtaining the knowledge of the Art, Gehn becomes power-hungry, a cruel god in his own right to the inhabitants of the very Ages he created. Atrus, realizing his father has become reckless and violent, attempts to escape but is imprisoned in Gehn's own Age of Riven. There, Atrus falls in love with a villager, Catherine, and together, they hatch a plan to rid themselves of Gehn once and for all.

    Atrus and Catherine manage to destroy the linking books on Riven, leaving Gehn stranded on Riven, and escape through a book written by Anna, the Age of Myst. Atrus inexplicably drops the Myst linking book into a disturbance known as the Star Fissure, at which point the book ends up on Earth in the hands of a stranger. Now with the Age of Myst in hand, it's up to you to point and click your way through the wonders of Myst Island and all the secrets it holds.

    Have fun!

    LORE - Myst Lore in a Minute!