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    LORE - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by ProJared

    Edited by Geoff

    Illustrated by D.J. Ross

    In the middle of a vast ocean lies Moga Village, a quaint fishing settlement, part of an archipelago filled with mystery, wonder... and hordes of bloodthirsty monsters.

    After years of tranquility, a devastating earthquake rocked the islands, throwing Moga Village into disarray. Believing a monster to be responsible, the Hunter's Guild sends a new recruit to investigate. Unfortunately, the Village Elder reveals that the most likely culprit is none other than the Lagiacrus, an enormous leviathan known as the "King of the Seas."

    Hopelessly outmatched, the rookie hunter heads to the Moga Woods and surrounding regions to train their skills. Over the next few weeks. The hunter gathers crucial resources, prepares hearty meals, and slaughters all manner of beasts in order to wear their skin and reap the dubious benefits.

    Finally, as Moga Village threatens to come apart at the seams from the quakes, the former rookie, now a seasoned monster hunter, returns from training. Armed with a multitude of weapons, the latest in monster fashion, and the support of Moga Village and other hunters from afar, the hunter prepares to put an end to the Lagiacrus—her greatest challenge yet.

    ...At least until High Rank.

    Have fun!

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    LORE - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Lore in a Minute!