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    Fire Emblem - Fast Facts


    by lore

    Dodgers comes at you with some fun facts about the Fire Emblem series!

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    Fire Emblem Facts

    1) Nintendo's decision to localize and market Fire Emblem to the West was based on Marth and Roy's popularity in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The seventh Fire Emblem game became the first Fire Emblem released outside of Japan.

    2) The developer, Intelligent Systems, started out as a one-man team whose sole purpose was to port Famicom Disk software into ROM-cartridges. As the team grew, they programmed their first actual game software with Famicom Wars and Fire Emblem which prompted Nintendo to extend Intelligent Systems into an actual game development team.

    3) Roy made his video game debut in the Smash Brothers series and not in his own franchise. Roy was playable in Smash Brothers four months before his own game was released.
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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by Dodger

    Animated and Edited by Edgar Nielsen

    Fire Emblem - Fast Facts

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