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    LORE - Infamous Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by Dodger

    Animated by ZenithQuinn

    History tells of a secret society that dedicated itself to the advancement of humanity through technology. This organization, known as the First Sons, dates back as far as Medieval Europe where they were cast out as witches and demons, forcing them to flee to America in the 17th century. There, they continued their research on telekinesis and precognition while watching their membership swell. In 1892, Richard Tate led the First Sons to power by using technology to unlock the powers of mentalists among us.

    Richard Tate installed his son, Alden, as the leader of the First Sons before he died, but he was quickly ousted by a mysterious figure known only as Kessler. Kessler, a futurist with access to technology not of the modern era, accelerated research on power and energy. The First Sons, with funding from DARPA, eventually built the Ray Sphere, a device capable of unlocking a hidden superhuman gene. Those who carried these gene were known as Conduits and when they were exposed to the Ray Sphere, they gained supernatural powers.

    With the Ray Sphere complete, Kessler's needed one more component to complete his master plan: Cole McGrath. Cole, a seemingly ordinary bike messenger, was given a package to deliver but inside was the Ray Sphere wired to detonate. Cole survived the blast but awoke with the power of electrokinesis. Now it's up to Cole to help or hurt the citizens of Empire City and to find the man behind the Ray Sphere explosion.

    Have fun!

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