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Written by Phil

Voiced by WowCrendor

Animated by ZenithQuinn

Sly Cooper is the latest in a line of master thieves belonging to the Cooper Clan. Under his father's tutelage, Sly learned the ways of his ancestors as preparation to carry on his family's legacy. Despite being a family of unassuming raccoons, the Cooper Gang had been master thieves for thousands of years. They stole from undeserving criminals as each Cooper was bound to the tenet that there is no honor, no challenge, and no fun in stealing from ordinary people. Although the Cooper Clan amassed an immense fortune, their most prized possession was the Thievius Raccoonus, an ancient book in which every Cooper Clan member recorded their adventures, but more importantly, their invaluable thieving techniques.

At the age of 8 when Sly was to inherit the prized book, a gang of criminals known as the Fiendish Five attacked the Cooper residence. Sly's father did all he could to protect the Thievius Raccoonus, but it ultimately costed his life. Sly, hiding in the closet nearby, could only watch as his parents were murdered. The pages from the Thievius Raccoonus were torn out and split amongst the criminals and Sly was sent to an orphanage.

There, Sly gained two allies in a turtle and hippo. Sly, with Bentley and Murray, devised their first heist: to steal cookies from the evil orphanage director, Ms. Puffin. Utilizing Sly's leadership and athleticism, Bentley's intellect and planning, and Murray's expert driving and whatever else he does, Ms. Puffin was no match and the cookies were had. From this point on, they were known as the Cooper Gang. Together, they set out to avenge the death of Sly's parents and recover the Thievius Raccoonus from the clutches of evil... all the while being chased by Interpol's Carmelita the Fox who may or may not be in love with Sly Cooper. But probably.

Have fun!

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