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    LORE - Shigeru Miyamoto Lore in a Minute!


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    LORE - Shigeru Miyamoto Lore in a Minute!

    Shigeru Miyamoto grew up an adventurous young man in the town of Sonobe in Kyoto, Japan. As a child, he often explored his town and its surrounding areas until happening upon a cavern that he dared not enter. Little did he know, the cave hid a treasure that would change the video game industry forever.

    His father, a friend of then-president of Nintendo in 1977, secured Miyamoto an interview and was awarded the job of concept artist. Nintendo then expanded to the U.S. and debuted Radar Scope which Miyamoto had helped develop, but it was a commercial failure that left Nintendo of America in financial ruin. To stay afloat, they agreed to repurpose the Radar Scope cabinets for a new game - but there was one problem; there wasn't anybody worthwhile with the time to create it. Yet, Miyamoto was chosen to lead Nintendo of America into the promised land.

    Miyamoto, with no prior game design experience, enlisted the help of veteran Gunpei Yokoi. Together, they devised the first true platformer about a man, his girlfriend, and a monkey: Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was the first title to have a story, multiple stages, a character that could jump but it still wasn't enough; the American branch hated it. Still, Miyamoto persevered and the Radar Scope units were gutted and replaced with Donkey Kong which became a smash hit - the first of many moving forward.

    Miyamoto went on to create Mario Bros., another colossal success which catapulted him to the head of Nintendo's video game division. Nintendo then boldly entered the console market with the Family Computer aka the Nintendo Entertainment System.

    Miyamoto would not stop there. He had one more game-changer in his arsenal - an idea that sprang from the cave in Kyoto. With courage and a lantern, the young Miyamoto returned to the cave to claim its secrets, but none more valuable than the thrilling journey of danger and mystery that would become The Legend of Zelda.

    Have fun!

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