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    LORE - Far Cry 3 Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

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    When Jason Brody decides it's time to take a vacation, he does what any carefree and mildly successful 25-year-old would do - party in BANGKOK! Besides stretching the US dollar and consuming copious amounts of booze, Jason, his girlfriend, and the rest of his friends are seeking an adventure. That's when they hear from the local DJ about a tropical paradise known as the Rook Islands - a place where you can do anything and everything. On the word of Doug the DJ, whom they've never met and certainly shouldn't trust, they travel to the Rook Islands.. via skydiving..

    What Jason and his buddies don't know is that the Rook Islands is anything but utopia. From Chinese Warlords slaughtering each other over treasure to the Japanese Imperial Army turning on itself after World War 2, the Rook Islands have a tendency of inducing insanity and bloodshed. So instead of a partying on a white sandy beach, they're kidnapped by a pirate, Vaas Montenegro, who enjoys repeatedly explaining the definition of insanity to his helpless victims before executing them.

    However, Vaas has different plans for Jason and his friends, electing instead to hold them for a hefty ransom due to their presumably wealthy roots. But Jason miraculously escapes and it's now up to him to save his friends - and himself - from hell in paradise.

    Have fun!

    Written by Phil

    Voiced by WowCrendor

    Edited by Ryan Tellez

    Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

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