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    LORE - Max Payne Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    This week Lore brings you the PAYNEful past of Max Payne!

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    Born to Jack and Helen Payne, Max grew up in a troubled household in the 70's. His father was a violent drunk, often cheating on and beating his wife, which led her to become an alcoholic. She later died of unspecified causes, and three years later, so did Jack Payne.

    Max was orphaned but he grew up to be a police officer. He was the top officer in the academy and was quickly promoted to detective in the NYPD. Max and his partner and friend, Alex Balder, were heroes, busting a major Punchinello drug deal. Balder would later join the DEA but Max refused to follow him because of the harsh undercover work.

    Later, Max would save a woman, Michelle, from a mugging, who eventually became his wife months later. Together they had a child, Rose, and fostered a loving family and a home in the suburbs of New Jersey - something he never had when he was a child.

    Max lived an idyllic life with his wife and daughter until one night, he came back to find his family be the victim of a home invasion. Thugs, high on the designer drug, Valkyr, murdered Michelle and Rose with no apparent motive.

    After burying his family, Max joins his longtime partner, Alex Balder, in the DEA and vows to bring down anything and everything associated with this new and dangerous drug, Valkyr.

    Haveth all the fun!

    Written by Phil

    Voiced by WowCrendor

    Edited by Geoff Yano

    Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

    LORE - Max Payne Lore in a Minute!

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