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    LORE - OKAMI Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    WowCrendor tells us the tale of Amaterasu defending the Celestial Plains and the Mortal Realm. Have Fun!

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by WowCrendor

    Edited by Schroeder

    Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

    LORE - Okami Lore in a Minute!

    Amaterasu, the Sun God to all of Japan, lived in the Celestial Plain. All was peaceful until Waka, a member of the Moon Tribe, arrived in the Plain in a mysterious spaceship, the Ark of Yamato, which brought more than just Waka. Then, Orochi, an 8-headed demon, suddenly attacked the Plain and killed many Celestials in the process. Amaterasu and Waka were unable to fend off Orochi as it was protected by a magical barrier. Waka was forced to flee but upon using his clairvoyant powers, Waka discovered that Orochi would be slain by a mortal. Amaterasu dragged Orochi down to the mortal realm and awaited the birth of The Chosen One.

    The two ended up in Kamiki Village, where Orochi threatened to destroy the village unless a young maiden was offered as sacrifice every year. For 99 years, Amaterasu protected the villagers until finally, The Chosen One, Nagi the Swordsman, was born. When the night of sacrifice arrived, Nagi's love, Nami, was selected, and in his rage, he attacked Orochi.

    Orochi bested Nagi, but Amaterasu intervened, engaging the demon in battle. Severely wounded, Amaterasu summoned the moon, transforming Nagi's sword into the powerful Tsukuyomi. Nagi defeated Orochi and carried the dying Amaterasu back to Kamiki village where she was laid to rest. Her Celestial Brush powers scattered across Japan in the form of 13 gods while the Tsukuyomi was used to seal away Orochi.

    But a 100 years later, the Tsukuyomi is mysteriously removed and the village would call upon Amaterasu once more to defeat Orochi!

    Have fun!

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