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LORE - Tribes Lore in a Minute!

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WowCrendor delights us with the Lore of Tribes!!! Have Fun!

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Written by Phil

Voiced by WowCrendor

Edited by Schroeder

Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

LORE - Tribes Lore in a Minute!

In the distant future, humankind discovers a 'meta-jumpgate' which allows travel over galactic distances. The meta-jumpgate was part of a network of jump routes, and would set off The Diaspora, the rapid expansion of humankind into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. The first generation of travelers settled on the galactic frontier, known as the Wilderzone, and these settlers broke off into a tribe, escaping the rule of the Empire and calling themselves the Children of the Phoenix.

The Empire sends a force of Imperial Knights, The Order of the Blood Eagle, to subdue the Children and claim the Wilderzone. The conflict fractures the Children of the Phoenix, causing groups to break away to form more tribes. Then, the Blood Eagles declare themselves an independent tribe after decades away from home without support from the Empire. Shazbot!

A power struggle ensues between the Four Great Tribes: the Blood Eagles, Children of Phoenix, Diamond Sword, and Starwolf. As each tribe was at war, the Children negotiated a ceasefire to achieve a peaceful solution called the Firetruce. In addition to diplomacy, it included games where tribes would compete for medals and glory.

But after every Firetruce, the tribes would re-engage in a war of skiing, disc-launching, and flag-capturing, which is just a deadlier version of the Olympics... in space.

Have fun!

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