LORE - Silent Hill Lore in a Minute!


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Josh from IndieStatik takes you deep into the Lore of Silent Hill's crazy cult-fueled cavalcade of backstory. Have Fun!

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Written by Phil

Voiced by Josh from IndieStatik

Edited by Schroeder

Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross


LORE - Silent Hill Lore in a Minute!

Silent Hill, a quaint little town in Maine, New England, was a scenic resort area until people started disappearing or dying in the lake nearby. Then the people responsible for promoting the town as a family-friendly tourist destination turned up dead. The townsfolk believed that these deaths were tied to a doomsday cult known as The Order, who believed bringing about the apocalypse was their ticket to Paradise and a more profitable tourism department.

The priestess of The Order, Dahlia Gillespie, birthed a daughter with paranormal powers. Believing her daugther, Alessa, to be linked to The Order's god, she decided the best way to bring her god to Silent Hill was to impregnate her 7-year old by ritual of fire. Dahlia set fire to their home with Alessa trapped inside. Alessa survived but the seed had been planted - Dahlia would soon be a grandmother.

The Order nursed her wounds but Alessa refused to deliver their god. Using her paranormal powers, she split her soul in two, one half remaining with her body and the other inexplicably appearing in the form of a precious newborn. Found and adopted by Harry Mason and his wife, they named her Cheryl. Harry and Cheryl eventually return to Silent Hill, and upon their arrival, Cheryl triggers Alessa's reality-bending powers, shrouding Silent Hill in a mysterious fog. After swerving to avoid a young girl in the road, Harry crashes his car and is knocked unconscious. Harry wakes up to find Cheryl missing and is forced to venture into Silent Hill to search for his daughter.

Have fun!

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