LORE - League of Legends Lore in a Minute!

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Did you know League of Legends actually has a story? Totalbiscuit gets you up to speed with LoL Lore.

Narrated by TotalBiscuit:

Written by Phil the Intern

Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

Edited by Schroeder

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LORE - League of Legends Lore in a Minute!

In the magical world of Runeterra there exists an island, Valoran, which houses two sworn enemies, Demacia and Noxus. Demacia, the self-proclaimed shining example of humanity, rules with an iron fist in the name of Justice and Morality. Noxus, on the other hand, is a power-hungry faction who enjoys ruining your day. After two Rune Wars, Valoran had transformed into a hellish landscape. Valoran's top boys ruled that the magical warfare was causing earthquakes and storms and maybe hurting the poor ozone layer. They responded by creating the League of Legends, a method in which political disputes would be settled in arenas called the Fields of Justice -- Summoner's Rift and The Crystal Scar. Oh, and Twisted Treeline -- but nobody likes Twisted Treeline.

Champions summoned by, well, Summoners duke it out in these Fields of Justice all the while trying to destroy each other's Nexus. These brave champions lead mindless minions to victory and/or their death, which are controlled by novice Summoners. But let's face it minions are only there as a source of revenue so you can rush your Trinity Force.

Even though most disputes are settled in the Fields of Justice, there are still conflicts over land and whatnot, especially between the Demacian King's son, Jarvan IV and the Noxian Commander creepy-bird-guy, Swain. Even then, no one questions the effectiveness of the League of Justice because it's backed by three powerful, broken-OP Summoners. And hey, when you can fight robots and children and the guy from 300 to the death, who really cares? Go forth, conquer your enemies, and always call dibs on solo lane, Summoner! Oh, and remember, spin2win, kids.

Have fun!