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    Chaos Beyond - "One Click Away" Terrasound Records


    by BlankTV

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    Chaos Beyond - "One Click Away" Terrasound Records - A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Vienna, Austria

    Artist Biography: Signed by Terrasound Records in the beginning of 2011, the five boys from Vienna have been on their way to the top ever since the release of their first album Confessions of a Twisted Mind in the same year. Their first video for "My Sacrifice" put them on the map in Austria's metal scene. A minor setback occurred after the departure of their Singer Robert in late 2011. Luckily, the search for a new man on the mike did not last long as they found Mike Kaos, a more than perfect replacement, only a few months later. Since then, the band has played several concerts, including shows abroad and as support for international acts like Cataract, Hackneyed and Adrenaline Mob and has released their second music video for Crawling in the Dark.
    Now after their release of their second album The Drawing Board and its first single #oneclickaway, Chaos Beyond is about to claim their spot on the top of Austria's metal scene.

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    About The Video: Our new song is about criticising the social media world, but with a wink. Nowadays, humanity has changed drastically, especially the social aspect. People throw away their privacy on Facebook, and information overload is common practice on twitter. That's what we want to criticise, but with a humoristic intention, because we are also part of it and cannot escape it, especially a band is active a lot on the internet.

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    Label Name: Terrasound Records
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    Song Lyrics: Newsflash! A global collapse of facial library systems has caused an enormous increase of mass suicide. Research has shown that this tragic trend is at its peak in Birdland, Webminster and about to spread around the globe.

    My dog just had to fart
    And I thought that you might want to know
    Like, tag, share, fag
    If you don't agree with it
    My dog gets pissed, so goddamn pissed
    And you'll be banned from my friends list

    What the fuck is going on?
    It seems like shit's got serious
    A library that's full of faces
    People act delirious
    Previously crowded places
    Look like deserted spaces
    Acting like a butterfly
    Cocooning virtualised

    So you want to be a star?
    You've got to climb the sugar mountain
    Unfold your private life
    You've got to trust me
    You're simply one click away from fame

    Hurr durr, have you heard?
    140 characters my little bird
    Hashtag, go with the flow
    Do you know what happened a minute ago?
    Tweet tweet tweet, my mind goes beep
    Open up the cage, and you'll fall deep
    We don't need big brother now
    Cause we are part of an online show

    WTF, I just don't get it
    Talking shit without regretting
    People typing without brains
    Zombie outbreak's last remains
    Self-portrayal has increased
    Right to privacy deceased
    I'm about to draw a line
    Stay out of it and you'll be fine

    Who needs privacy anyway?


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