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    Turn That TV Off For 90 Days Starting Today!

    Annetta Powell

    by Annetta Powell

    A lot of us spend majority of our time watching TV or listening to radio stations. In fact, an average American watches TV for 34 hours a week, almost close to maintaining a regular 8-hour job daily. However, the bad news is we aren't earning a single cent out of watching TV alone.

    Yes, while it gives us self-gratification, the big question remains -- "Are you able to make the most out of your time crafting your financial future?" Whether we admit it or not, the hours we spend watching TV are put to waste. Now, this is what I recommend you to do starting today. Instead of allotting majority of hours tuning in to your favorite TV show, I encourage you to exchange your TV time and invest it into personal development activity to help you become a better person.

    This can be in the form of reading self-empowerment books, tuning in to blog shows just like the Annetta Powell Radio Show ( ), attending webinars, trainings and live events, and any other activities that will further improve you as a person. Watch this video to understand the point I am trying to emphasize.