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    How To Get Steam Games For Free (Legally) - 2013

    Salman Anwar

    by Salman Anwar

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does it work?

    It's pretty simple. You have to register a free account. Earn points by completing survey/offers. When you have enough points for your game place an order, then we will buy the game and send it to you as gift.
    What's your profit by giving free games?

    We love gaming. We love the gaming community. SteamPowers is our little contribution to the gaming world. Also we make some revenue from our advertisers.
    Why you need my Steam Password??

    No, we dont need it. We will NEVER ask for your Steam password no matter what. We encourage you NOT to use your steam password while registering in
    How much Points are worth?

    Basicaly 100 Points is equal to $1 Game. Below you will find a simplified structure:

    500 Points = 5$ Game
    1000 Points = 10$ Game
    2000 Points = 20$ Game
    3000 Points = 30$ Game
    4000 Points = 40$ Game
    5000 Points = 50$ Game
    6000 Points = 60$ Game
    ow long does it take to get the game after ordering?

    We receive our payments from advertisers one month later. That is why we cant send games instantly. Estimated time of game sending are:

    $1-$20 worth of games will be sent within 10 business days
    $30-$40 worth of games will be sent within 15 business days
    $50-$60 worth of games will be sent within 20 business days
    Can I earn real money?

    Yes you can, you can convert your referral points to real money. We will send your money to your Paypal account.
    How are we going to send me the game?

    Steam has a system that allows us to buy any game as gift. So when you place an order, we buy the game as a gift and send it to you. It will go to your email address. All the instructions will be in that email.