T Puente G Hidalgo P Conde C Feliciano


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This is a great video. Legens getting together and sharing their talets with "us". Tito Puente having a great time as Giovanny does his "majic". It was a great loss to the Latin Community when Tito left us, but he will be remembered as he is now joining other great talents like Hector, Ray Barreto and Celia, Mongo.
Par AngelLust1 Il y a 7 ans
You can tell that Tito was having a blast watching Giovanni play his solo. God bless Tito forever for his talent and contributions to afro-cuban music and spreading the knowledge of great young talents like Giovanni Hidalgo (Puerto Rico), Jorge Dalto (Argentina)and many others to the world.
Par cuban_conga_man Il y a 7 ans
Merci Tito tu reste s le king des timbals
Par SMALTO EL CANGRI Il y a 7 ans
Regardez le sourire du plus grd timbalero Tito Puente
Par SMALTO EL CANGRI Il y a 7 ans
Machete94 ,c'est exactement cette album la conbinacion perfecta , on y autre d'autres titres avce dautres monuments de la salsa (oscar de leon , celia cruz , jose alberto....) comme cet hommage fait hector lavoe
Par SMALTO EL CANGRI Il y a 7 ans
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