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    Reycralibur, episode 9 (Smash Bros. Machinima)

    "Kay and Rex's Million-Dollar Adventure"
    Xados has no use for Kay anymore and he's ready to cut his times with him. But all work and no pay makes Kay an angry man. With Rex as his "collateral", he plans to make Xados's mission a lot more complicated. But, he's gonna need some help...

    Yes, Kim is a girl, in case you were wondering. No, I'm never gonna tell you what gender Rex is. More importantly, I felt this episode was a renaissance for Reycralibur, going back to it's more comedic roots. Sure, I was a little late with this episode, but that just means you'll get two episodes this month. Now if you'll excuse me, I wanna play more Reckoning and FINALLY get started on Sleeping Dogs.

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