Selena Gomez's Next Boyfriend - Who Should She Date Next?

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So since at this exact moment Selena Gomez is a single lady, we want to pick out of favorites of all those celebrity guys who are lined up to date the star. She's back on the market after the long-term on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber, and I know, some fans out there might be upset about the split, but we'd rather focus on the positive and find this Hollywood hottie another mate. Right now, close your eyes and your ears if you're a Jelena, because something might be steaming up between Selena and One Direction's Zayn Malik. SG admitted that she would be interested in kissing the dreamy 20-year-oldand when Zayn got word of it, he reciprocated by revealing she is his secret crush and then he stated that he would definitely kiss Selena back if given the chance. So that's one of our picks for who Selena should date next -- and we've got a movie star up next. Maybe Gomez is testing the waters with Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson?! Well, the two have been seen together -- partying and dancing, and appearing on red carpets together, flirting out in public and yep, they were even spotted kinda holding hands. The star will kick off her Stars Dance tour in August and along for the ride with be Emblem3, and we think our next pick could be a good one for Selena -- if she happens to mix work and play. What about emblem3 member Wesley Stromberg?? So these two just met for the first time at the Billboard Awards recently, but we wouldn't put it past these two kindling flames together during the tour. They'd at least make a cute couple -- oh and they're both performers!! One last matchup that we want to make is in Theo James. This dude is playing the character of Four in the much anticipated Divergent book-turned-movie series. He's older at the age of 28 and seemingly then more mature than some of our other love matches for Selena -- and this couple would remind us a bit of old school Elena and Stephan on TVD -- and that went pretty darn well for a good amount of time. Alright, so which of these picks for Miss Selena Gomez is your favorite? Are you a fan of One Direction's dreamy Zayn Malik, Hunger Games hottie Josh Hutcherson, personality-driven Emblem3 Wesley Stromberg or the mature Theo James? Vote right now by posting a comment below. And since Jelena is over, if you had to choose a side -- who is your BFF? Selena or Justin? Leave your comments in the comment section below and before you click out don't forget to subscribe to ClevverTV. Thanks for watching! I'm your host Dana Ward from Hollywood and we'll see you guys next time!

Hosted by: Dana Ward