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    Doctors Find Pencil Lodged in Patient's Head

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    An unidentified 24-year-old man suffered from severe headaches for several years. Doctors found a four inch long pencil stuck inside of his head.

    Childhood accidents can apparently come back to haunt you later in life. An unidentified 24-year-old Afghan man suffered from severe headaches for several years. He also encountered a runny nose and troubles with his visions on a regular basis.

    Just recently, medical personnel in Germany discovered the shocking cause of the male’s troubles. A four inch long pencil was stuck inside of his head. The pencil had caused injuries to the man’s sinuses and right eye socket.

    The writing piece was found after a thorough examination with help from an image scanning process. Thankfully surgeons were able to successfully remove the pencil without complications.

    The patient is said to be recovering. He recalled an incident when he fell as a child. Most likely, the pencil somehow got lodged in his head during that time and went undetected for years.

    Hopefully, he's able to lead a less painful life following the treatment.

    Have you ever had a scary childhood accident?