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    Runover - "On Your Knees" War Nerve Records


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    Runover - "On Your Knees" War Nerve Records

    Artist city, country: Montecatini Terme, Italy

    Artist Biography: Andrea Vitelli is the eclectic mind behind the band RUN OVER.
    After some years of playing in various rock and metal bands, especially RATTLESNAKE, he decides to create the band RUN OVER with Davide Mai as a singer and Furio Biagioni on the drums.
    Afterwards, the band evolves with the participation of Leonardo Deri who soon leaves the band after recording the first demo version track "Memory's Gone".
    Andrea then calls up the rhythmic section of the old RATTLESNAKE band, Igor Giuliani on the bass guitar and Alberto Marzano on the drums.
    He finally finds the ideal singer in Marco Biagioli who used to play in LIFESTREAM and RADIO HELL.
    the "four horseman" decided to call the band RUN OVER in march 2010, and start to play live at the same time.
    After 3 months, the group makes their first demo tape called "Rage Pain Fear" at the Touch Sound Studios.
    Alberto Marzano leaves the band in the summer of 2011 and Lorenzo Michelozzi, who used to play in FONEMA and PHANTOM LORD, takes his place.
    Everyone in the band than develops a deeper groove, more metallic and stronger.
    the singer then changes his style into a rougher, deeper one and the band uses the drums more agressively and mixes their rock-metal influences to a new thrash-groove sound.
    At the same time they develop a more direct "on your face" style.
    The priority of the band are gigs, natural performances and their motto is "we play what we are"
    In November 2011, RUN OVER records their first full length album called "Feel the Anger" in 3 different studios (Touch sound records, Emme Studios, and mixed/masterized at the 16th cellar studios)
    In March 2012, RUN OVER is signed up by "War Nerve Records" and starts collaborating with the "Flotta Nemesi" doing some rock-metal festival in Tuscany.
    In June RUN OVER records their first videoclip "On Your Knees" collaborating with B-Art Studios, Cromovideo and Micromovie.

    Now the full-length is out and a copy can be purchased at:

    or writing to:

    after recorded the videoclip "On Your Knees" Igor Giuliani leaves the band and Stefano Badan, an old big friend of Andrea, take his place.

    nowadays RUN OVER are doing a lot of gigs and you can always keep in touch with them by facebook or by mail

    Director Name: B-Art Studio
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Micromovie
    Producer Link:


    Label Name: War Nerve Records

    Song Lyrics: ON YOUR KNEES
    (Music: Vitelli & Runover / Lyrics: Biagioli)

    Love is not a dream
    You can live on your skin what you have only cried
    Alone in your bedroom
    The love you've always dreamed
    Is waitin' for you outside that fuckin' door
    Or they just say so

    Open your eyes
    And realize
    That you're

    And it's where your love has got to be
    It's where you cannot breathe
    No, it's not like your dreams
    And now it's time to give up
    it's time to give up to them

    Here's the end of your dreams
    It's hard to realize there's not a prince charming
    Outside your backdoor
    Come on and take your feelings
    And fuck them off like everyone just did
    Did to you

    Cry, cry, cry in your bedroom
    Tears flow on your dress
    Now you know the world you're livin' in
    Welcome to Earth

    Put them on their fuckin'

    You know where they have got to be
    And they will not breathe
    No, doesn't matter what you'll be
    But now you're alive
    Now you're alive

    You know where they've got to go
    You know where they've got to crawl


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