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    Laura L Young, LCSW-R


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    Laura L Young, LCSW-R - New York, NY United States
    I specialize in exploring, understanding and accepting yourself through relationships--both past and present. I work with Individuals, Couples, Families and I run Emotional Communication Therapy Groups. I believe in harnessing your strengths and work to lessen impediments to your reaching your goals. I provide active listening, empathy, compassion and, as needed (or requested), feedback. Clients come to see me for a variety of challenges: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship challenges-both personal and professional, transitions in a persons life, substance abuse, eating disorders, grief, communication difficulties, under-performing, as a support for 12-step recovery and more. If your life is not where you would like it to be, you'd like to look at creating some positive change or for any reason that could be aided by talking to me, then call me at 212-581-9466 Let's explore how we can work together to provide the support, help, guidance, and insight you're looking for.Distributed by