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    'Man Of Steel' First Fight Scene SPOILERS!


    by ClevverMovies

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    We have a few spoilers coming out about Man Of Steel, and if you still want to be surprised when you see it, you may want to click one of our other videos. It's true, some juicy spoilers may lie ahead, so take this as your big, flashing, turn back now, neon sign! Ok, if you have stayed with me. Heres the info that Collider got their hands on from one of the first big fight scenes in Man of Steel, from their recent set visit. It seems like we will see Superman fighting Faora and a Kryptonia robot of some sorts first in the film. And there are apparently TONS of explosions happening with helicopters going down, and big trucks being thrown around, and it's during this initial fight scene that Superman uses his heatblast, for what seems to be the first time ever. More mayhem follows, with the US Army apparently getting in on the action, damaging the robot during this scene. But the big take away here is that Faora is showing all kinds of nasty girl power, and Supes power proves to be just as strong. Which will probably leave us weaping with joy. But maybe that's just me. The scene also supposedly has an awesome smack down moment, when Superman slams Faora into the ground so hard that the earth cracks. Sounds really freakin good so far, if you ask me. MOS screenwriter, David Goyer also gave an interesting little tid bit about Supe's powers in this movie saying that we will actually see a power or two in this that has never been seen in any other Superman film before. We've, of course seen super speed, strength, flight, heat vision, super breath, so what other powers would you all like to see make it into Man of Steel? And who all is excited about the tiny bits and pieces of the story that we've heard so far? Leave us those thoughts down in that comments section, and be sure that you have subscribed to us here for your favorite movie news when it happens! Until the next video, Im Erin White