Stunning Restaurant Design Proposal for Paris

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A restaurant design combines natural green plant life and urban modern art.

No city can beat Paris in terms of architecture. And new talented architects continue the push of boundaries of what's possible in the city.

A former graffiti artist, now turned architect, Stephane Malka has developed a plan for a dining establishment in Paris, which would be symbolic of traditional guinguettes. Called EP7 restaurant, it would have the nostalgic feel of old time Parisian watering holes along with a modern touch.

Serving as an urban recreation area, the exterior would be comprised of raw wood sections, which vary in dimensions. The timber pieces will be primed for the natural growth of plant life.

Essentially, the shrubs and greenery will not only surround, but stem from the rectangular shaped, wooden blocks, which act as the outward structure of the building. The view from the outside depicts the organic aspects of timber and plants, however the urban feel is still apparent, as a glass wall is visible, showcasing the interior of the artistic, avant-garde restaurant.

How do you like the concept?