Largest Bear Ever Captured in Florida

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A 620-pound black bear is captured in Florida.

Florida has been credited with capturing many huge creatures.

Recently animal authorities in the state nabbed a huge bear that weighed in at 620 pounds.

The male animal was caught near the Ocala National Forest, where it was scouring the grounds for rubbish. A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman stated “This bear was so used to getting into trash that even after the garbage was secured in a shed, he returned and pulled the aluminum siding off to get at his free meal.”

The capture has deemed the creature the largest black bear ever caught in the state. The animal was sedated and relocated, but biologists gave him an ear tag and an exam before his departure.

Black bears can live up to 25 years of age in the wild. They are known to be very intelligent animals with an excellent sense of smell and can see in color.

They are also quick despite their size and can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour.