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    Pentagon Launches Soap Opera Weapon

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The Pentagon launches a soap opera weapon.

    To fight Columbian guerillas, the Pentagon has plans to activate a new weapon – soap operas.

    The Army has issued proposal requests for a contractor to write and produce 20 radio drama episodes.

    Interested in kick-starting your writing career?

    The narrative arc has already been worked out. The first 8 episodes will encourage the armed to give up their weapons. The next 8 should discourage people from joining illegal groups.

    The final 4 must promote family values, fair treatment to women, and be in support of US goals for Columbia.

    Don’t worry about potential writer’s block, as the dialogue for some segments will come from those uttered by demobilized guerrillas.

    The programs will be in Spanish and several Colombian dialects.

    If you’d like to check out some past United States collaborations, you need look no further than the Disney vaults – or YouTube if it’s more convenient.

    Mickey, Pluto, Bambi, and Donald all had roles in educational films made during the Second World War.