9-Year-Old Boy Almost Crushed While Hiding in Garbage Bin

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

A 9-year-old boy was almost crushed by a trash compacter after hiding in a rubbish bin.

Every child is unique. They each have their own personalities, fascinations and hobbies.

One little boy in Victoria, Australia is obsessed with garbage trucks. That little fixation nearly killed him.

The 9-year-old named Conner wanted to see what the inside of a dump truck looked like. Not satisfied with just imagining the scenery, he opted for a first-hand, close-up view.

Conner decided to hide inside of a rubbish bin and wait to be picked up. Eventually the trash vehicle arrived and loaded the container along with the concealed child in the back.

Thankfully, the alert driver noticed the young boy right before the waste compacter was turned on. The truck operator stated “There's a big paddle in the back that crushes all the rubbish up and compacts it all. If he got caught under that, it could have been really, really bad."

He explained his decision to hide in a bin by saying that curiosity got the best of him. Conner escaped from the incident with only minor scrapes and bruises.