Pilot’s Flight Halted Because of Forgotten Passport

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A pilot's flight is halted due to a forgotten passport.

When Jack Wiegand set out to break a record for an around the world flight he left his fears and reservations at home – and his passport.

The 20-year-old pilot departed from Fresno to become the youngest person to ever complete the trip solo. All was well until he landed in Canada and realized he’d forgotten his passport.

A call home revealed he’d left it on the photocopier.

Lucky for him the Canadian officials were friendly and forgiving, and after a brief wait for his passport to be mailed, Jack was back in the air hoping to make history.

It’s not all work and no play for this Jack, though. He’s taken a few moments to visit his fraternity brothers in Colorado and take in the sights of London.

In the sailing world, Laura Dekker of the Netherlands became the youngest person ever to sail around the globe in 2012.

On her way, she triumphed over extreme weather, broken boat parts, and diet almost exclusively comprised of rice and pasta.

When she wasn’t busy doing her homework, she shared some laughs with her only companions – the ants and cockroaches that lived in the cabin.