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    Whale Meat Becomes Dog Treat

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    by Geo Beats

    Whale meat becomes dog treat.

    Fin whales are the second longest animals in the world, and they are close to the brink of extinction.

    And a Japanese company was found selling endangered fin whale meat from Iceland as dog treats.
    Michinoku Farm was selling the fin whale meat alongside other exotic treats like Mongolian horsemeat, and kangaroo snacks.

    The company has reportedly stopped the sale of fin whale meat due to environmental activists who disagree with the hunting of whales.

    Nanami Kurasawa, executive director of IKAN, a Japanese campaign group said: “The most likely reason for shops to sell the whale meat dog treat is to target affluent Japanese who want to show off their wealth with something different.”

    The hunting of whales is a controversial issue in many places where there is a deep tradition of whaling.

    Although the International Whaling Commission outlawed the hunting of fin whales, many disregard the rules, particularly in Iceland and Japan.

    Japanese whalers get around the moratorium set on hunting fin whales by saying they are using the whales for scientific purposes, while the whalers in Iceland say that populations are sustainable enough for hunting.