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    Demons of Old Metal - "Murdercycle" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Demons of Old Metal - "Murdercycle"

    Artist city, country: United Kingdom

    Artist Biography: We're all going to go to hell and Demons of Old Metal are going to make absolutely sure of it! Sent up to the surface by the big red guy with horns and a tail, these five demons are using their infectious brand of hook-laden metal to win back the souls of those that have turned their back on sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

    Demons of Old Metal was formed at the tail end of 2010 by four veterans of the UK metal circuit with the sole intention of getting back to playing what got them into music in the first place -- classic metal songs. It quickly became clear that their high level of musicianship, coupled with the schlock horror image and stage show could easily translate into their own material and the writing process started in the early summer of 2012. On Halloween 2012 the band self-released their debut mini-album, 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I' and the response from fans and media alike was overwhelmingly positive.

    Demons of Old Metal draw upon years of experience and a multitude of influences to produce their own unique sound. From the rumbling perfection of the rhythm section to the addictive riffs, searing solos and vocals that go from guttural growls to banshee screams, this is a band that can hold its own with the very biggest out there.

    2013 will see the release of 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. II,' a brand new music video, new merchandise, extensive live appearances and even more fans joining The Demonic Horde.

    With the band picking up momentum like a freight train, it's time to get on board because the Demon Express won't be stopping for anybody!

    Director Name: Roger B
    Producer Name: Demons of Old Metal

    About The Video: This video tells the story of the two girls that feature in the song itself. Basically, they meet a sticky end when they choose to take a ride on the Murdercycle! True to the band's B-movie schlock-horror image, the video features some classic slasher clichés which should raise a smile or two.

    The video was shot in five sessions over six weeks in a rehearsal studio, one gig, one special shoot and the two live action sections featuring the female stars.

    This is the first video from the band's second CD, 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. II' and is probably one of the more accessible songs as it is not quite as face-meltingly heavy as the rest.


    Song Lyrics: Murdercycle

    Verse 1
    Hey pretty baby, you wanna take a ride?
    I'll take you all the way to the other side,
    Tomorrow you're gonna be the headline,
    And I'll be the one they wanna find

    Bridge 1
    Lift your pretty white dress,
    Over your pretty blonde hair,
    Too bad for you,
    Nobody knows you're here

    Ride on the murdercycle
    Rock on the murdercycle
    Die on the murdercycle

    Verse 2
    Hey lil darlin', your Mom n Daddy home?
    I wanna take you some place where we can be alone,
    Get offa Facebook, turn off your iPhone,
    Believe me, you won't need 'em no more

    Bridge 2
    Look into my eyes,
    You see there's nothin' there,
    You're just a bloody mess,
    In pretty underwear


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