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    Kesha's reality show finale goes out with a bang, some drama, and a ClevverMusic cameo! Hey guys thanks for tuning in to ClevverMusic for all your music news. "Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" 6-part series ended last night on MTV, the docu-series about Kesha's journey through stardom and making her most recent album "Warrior". The episode opens with her new album going #1, we see Kesha celebrating and making TV appearances on Conan and the Today show.

    But it's before her big "C'Mon" performance on 'The X Factor' that was a big challenge. Hours before she is supposed to go on live TV to perform her new single she learns entertainment blogger Perez Hilton has posted an unflattering photo of her. Kesha is in tears saying, "Why is he doing this to me again?" Referring to the online torture she suffered from him when her career first started.

    However, I was there in the audience that night she performed on X-Factor USA and she pulled it off brilliantly with tons of stage props, lasers, and raunchy dancing. You would never have known just an hour beforehand she was bawling her eyes out over a blog posting. Kesha continues on a press tour throughout Europe to promote the new album when tragedy strikes here in the US. That's when ClevverMusic's news report (with myself) comes into play, check it out.

    After that we Kesha clearly saddened that people are talking about her song relating to the Sandy Hook shootings and she recovers when she's home for the Holidays. We see Kesha's childhood bedroom which she claims "hasn't been touched" therefore should be a museum. The series ends on a high note for the "Die Young" singer performing her new song "C'Mon" on New Year's Eve in Times Square. Tell us over all what you thought of Kesha's reality show? Should there be a season 2? Thank for watching ClevverMusic for your music news online, I'm Misty Kingma see you soon.