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    Nicki Minaj sits down with radio station Hot 97 to clear the air with DJ Peter Rosenberg and reveals her biggest regret and how she got her first movie role! Hey Barbz you're watching your music news here on ClevverMusic. As many Nicki Minaj fans know, last summer at the NYC radio station Hot 97's annual Summer Jam festival Nicki pulled out of the show at the last minute following Lil Wayne's orders that no Young Money artist would perform. Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg had made fun of Nicki's then popular song "Starships" for not being hip hop enough. That pissed Lil Wayne off and Nicki didn't take the stage. Now a year later, Nicki is in NYC filming her upcoming movie 'The Other Woman' and stopped by the radio station for a lengthy chat to clear the air. The 30 minute interview sees Nicki forgive Rosenberg and admit, "It's water under the bridge... I mean it's so long ago. I can't even act like I care anymore, but I appreciate you guys having me." Then saying, "In hindsight... I should've just did the show." Yes, because festival goers wanted to see her and they did nothing wrong to deserve Nicki not showing up. The most hilarious part of the new interview was Nicki telling Rosenberg how she really felt about him, "I never found you funny. I never found you entertaining. I never found you smart. I just found you annoying." Ouch, bold to say that to someone's face and she also told Peter she hated the diss because he was white. So I guess now she's just getting back at him for his comments last Summer.

    Aside from clearing the air with one of NYC's most iconic hip hop radio stations, Nicki divulged some interesting facts during the chat. For one, she said her biggest regret so far is doing too many things while making her second album, she wishes she had focused on it more like she did with "Pink Friday". Last, we found it interesting in the interview that Nicki got her current "The Other Woman" movie role from the director seeing her on American Idol! Nicki said she's always been an actress and is super excited for the movie—and so are we.

    We'll see if Ms. Minaj takes the stage this weekend at the 2013 Summer Jam, she hinted there might be chance of that. There's a link below to watch the full Nicki Hot 97 interview! For all your Nicki Minaj news and more be sure you are subscribed to our channel here on YouTube. I'm Misty Kingma see you all later.