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    Why Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Broke-Up - Details


    by ClevverTV

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    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call it quits! After months of speculation it's becoming more and more clear that the couple's relationship is on the outs. Most recently, a source close to Miley has come out and revealed to UsWeekly the reasoning behind the rift, saying quote, "Liam always admired Miley's independence, but this was more like a rebellion, and it freaked him out. She has undergone a complete personality change." She went on to explain that they are just not in the same places anymore and feel more like roommates, saying quote, "At first they were yin and yang, balancing each other out. But they got more and more out of sync." And can you blame them? Liam and Miley met when they were filming The Last Songback in 2009 --- they have both grown up quite a bit and with both stars still in their early 20's, it's safe to say they both still have a long way to go. But are these guys really over for good? MC has been seen on multiple occasions without her ring but earlier this month sources claimed to have seen the couple exhibiting some major PDA at a recent party at their L.A. home! AND most recently, Miley herself fueled the fire by tweeting out a pic of her wearing what appears to be a wedding dress! This also happened to be the same day she had a video shoot, so she could have been in wardrobe, but still suspicious nonetheless! So we want to know what you guys think! Are they done? Are they still together? We also should add that according to a posting on yesterday, this break-up confirmation could be nothing more than bad intel Let us know all your thoughts and theories in the comments section below and keep checking back to ClevverTV for all your Miley updates! I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood, thanks for tuning in!

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