New York’s Sea Level Rising

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How fast will New York's sea level rise.

Some scientists feel that if change doesn’t happen soon, New York City and the rest of the east coast could be in for a dismal future. By the year 2100, flooding similar to the damage caused by Sandy could happen every 2 years.

It has to do with the rising sea level, which some feel is going to be greater and faster than current estimates foretell.

Previous predictions didn’t take accelerated ice melting into account, a situation that has begun to happen in Greenland. Antarctica is also a concern as temperatures there have risen 3 times higher than the old sea level outlook considered.

It was once believed that the sea level would be two feet higher in 2100, but now some think it will more likely be around 5 feet.

That combined with sinking land levels means that for a storm to leave disastrous flooding, the current surge threshold of 8 feet would diminish to about 3. Sandy’s storm surge reached about 11 feet.

Cutting emissions can’t stop it, but it could slow it down significantly. Aggressive action could reduce the 2100 level by between 6 and 20 inches.