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    Father Allegedly Put Infant in Freezer

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    A father allegedly put his infant in a freezer.

    In an absolutely maddening report, a 6-week-old infant is currently in the hospital after she was placed in a freezer. The child’s 25-year-old father was arrested following the incident.

    The man allegedly put his baby in the freezer for an hour to stop her crying. The little girl’s 22-year-old panicked mother called police after she came home and witnessed her boyfriend taking the infant out of the ice box.

    Initially the baby was unresponsive, but thankfully medical personnel were able to save her. The father remains in jail while an investigation into what is classified as an attempted murder continues. The suspect claimed he was only trying to help his daughter and appeared to be remorseful in interviews.

    The baby is expected to make a full recovery.

    Another father was recently arrested after allegedly covering his 5-month-old infant's mouth numerous times to stop her cries.

    Medical staff noticed skull fractures on the little girl as well. The couple had reportedly been drinking during the troubling incident. Their daughter survived, but was put on life support at the time of the report.