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400-Year-Old Frozen Plants Regrow

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400 year old frozen plants regrow.

Lush, green plants are always a great sight.

400 year old plants that were frozen beneath Canadian glaciers are coming back to life.
Researchers from the University of Alberta studying the melting Canadian glaciers noticed plants growing in the area where glaciers sat only a few years ago.

Bryophyte plants are making a remarkable come back in the Canadian Arctic Teardrop Glacier region, which has been melting at a rate of around 3 to 4 meters a year since 2004.

The melt is exposing the ground and the plants to sunlight for the first time since a period known as the Little Ice Age that lasted from 1550 AD to 1850 AD.

Catherine La Farge, lead author of the study said of the plants: “When we looked at the plants in detail and brought them to the lab, I could see some of the stems actually had new growth of green lateral branches, and that said to me that these guys are regenerating in the field, and that blew my mind.”

36 thousand islands make up the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and the amount of ice on these islands is melting quickly.