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    Two Vietnam War Veterans Reunite After 44 Years

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    Two Vietnam war veterans reunite after 44 years.

    In an uplifting report, two Vietnam war veterans were recently reunited. Jim Volkmar and Arthur Phillips had last seen one another roughly 40 years ago.

    The two marines were severely injured after what was believed to be a mortar exploded in a cornfield.

    Phillips returned to combat shortly after the incident while Volkmar spent 9 months in military hospitals. He was eventually sent to California.

    The day of the explosion was the last time they saw each other. Earlier this year, Phillips read an article online written by Volkmar, which recounted the men’s terrifying story.

    The former Marines spoke on the phone the following day. Volkmar stated “If you ever want to see the hand of God at work, this is it.” The veterans hope to meet face to face sometime this summer.

    More than 58,000 military personnel were killed during the Vietnam war. Out of the millions who served in active duty from 1964-1975, more than 1,700 people remain missing to this day.