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    Cooler Temps Activate Empathy

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Cooler temps activate empathy.

    Frustrated because someone just won’t see your side of the matter? Give them a big glass of ice cold water.

    New research has shown that lowering temperatures can open doors to understanding.

    It’s all about letting go of your egocentric anchoring, the thing that locks us in our me-me-me cages. In order to see the perspective of another person, the ego anchor needs to be lifted.

    According to a study where people were given hot or cold water and then asked to weigh in on situations involving others, cold helped to activate empathy.

    So what’s so magical about cold? Previous studies indicate that cold makes us feel “socially distanced” from others. The willingness to accept their viewpoints is an attempt to close the perceived gap.

    Not surprisingly, holding hot beverages intensifies feelings of proximity.

    Even though that may sound like the makings of a love-in, heat is also known to adversely affect mood, and impact levels of aggression and violence.